Hope is a wish with a little more Clout.....

Hello there, today I want to share with you such a lovely heart warming story.

Earlier in the week I came across a story shared on Facebook about a lady called  Betty Musker.

Today Betty celebrates her 104th birthday!

She lives in a nursing home and the staff there had asked Betty what she would like for her birthday this year to which she replied " just a card " 
So sweet!
So the staff started a group on Facebook
with the aim to grant Betty's wish and perhaps reach a total of 104 cards, one for each year !
It's been so lovely to see what an overwhelming response they have had from all over the world, it's amazing what the power of the internet can do...they have received over 5000 cards!

So much more than the staff could have hoped for!
 The story even reached The One show on the BBC

fast forward to around 10 minutes in to the show :)

So my card today is to say a big well done to the staff,
Hope is a wish with a little more clout
 an amazing story and an amazing lady!
Happy Birthday Betty xx

Have a lovely weekend!

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