Artisan design team 2017!

Hello there, I'm so excited to finally be able to share my top secret news.
Rewind a few months ago, I had a conversation with my lovely Stampin' Up! Mum Julie Kettlewell about applying for the Artisan design team 2017.  Julie has always encouraged me to strive for the best I can do as a demonstrator, we all need that one person who believes in what  you can do and what you are striving for whether it be professionally or personally. I am so lucky to have both.

So I applied at the end of the summer (after Julies encouragement) realistically thinking that as it was such an open opportunity and there are so may very talented demos in the UK  that the chance of me being selected would be slim. So when I got the call from Paula Gorry early october I was a bit flabbergasted!  It's been so hard to keep it a secret, It's the kind of thing you want to shout from the rooftops! Well finally I can share my happy news. I couldn't be there at Onstage live this past weekend at Telford but I knew Julie would finally get the news there that I had made the team and I received such an excited text from her when she got the news!
'You Beauty!'

Every Artisan design team member receives a 'welcome memento'
Stampin' Up! kindly sent mine through the post as I couldn't be at onstage.
I never imagined that as a memento I would receive a Tiffany and Co bracelet!

It was beautifully presented in a white jewellry box

My first piece of Tiffany and Co 

and a personalised Artisan 2017 rubber stamp!

My lovely Stampin' Up! Mum sent me the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers from Bloom and Wild in my favourite autumn colours to celebrate my achievement and they have pride of place in my craft room!

I have only been a demonstrator for 2 years, and last year the idea to apply entered my head, but that was all...........We all have that little self doubt sat on our shoulder and sometimes it takes another person to believe in you for you to actually take that step.....thank you Julie for believing in me

So I am very excited to be a part of the new Stampin' Up! Artisan design team for 2017

Thanks for popping by

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